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Welcome to the all Dark Horse community of LiveJournal!

When you join...

*Introduce yourself!*
When did you start reading Comics?
What was the first Comic (any company) you picked up?
Who's your favorite Dark Horse Hero?
Who's the best Dark Horse Villian?

What you can post here:

- stuff about Dark Horse comics: reviews, what you like, what you don't like... ect
- stuff about Dark Horse writers and artists: where they're working, what they're doing, what projects they're working on.
- Stuff you've heard about movies: we can't get enough of that, so when you find something out about any Dark Horse related movie, post it.

What you can post here behind LJ cuts:

you only have to LJ cut if you have more than one or two pictures.
- fan art.
- con photos.
- scans from comics.

What you can't post here:

- fan fiction: Please. Do Not. It WILL be deleted.
- Flames: Be nice or be warned. If I have to warn you more than once, you're out.
- Ads for another community: you can do it once in a while, but don't just join to be all like "HEY! JOINJOINJOIN!!!!11!!"

If you've got a beef, a question or a really really good idea, get tell the Mod